Estill Arts Council  

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Estill Arts Council Member Database

Michele Abney Benton
I am a resident of Estill county and a graduate of the EKU Arts program,
I use a variety of mediums to create paintings, sculptures, ceramic artworks and various functional and nonfunctional woodworks that combine my love of nature with my love of Art. To me nature is my greatest inspiration, getting outside is good for the mind, body and soul and I try to bring that inspiration to my Art. 

Brad Holman - Rocky Woodland Forge

Having worked with metal for over 20 years, blacksmithing was a natural next step.  My passion for the outdoors drove me to forge my own tools (knives, tomahawks, etc.) which led to forging for others.  Soon I progressed into blacksmithing tools and camp items, and now have stepped into the artistic side.  I use different metals - high carbon steel, mild steel, alloys, and wrought iron - to create artistic yet functional pieces. I incorporate hand-forging, forge welding, and traditional joinery.  The fundamentals and history of the craft as well as the uniqueness of the materials and processes are important for me to convey.

Julie Holman - Cleft in the Rock Artwork

"...I will put you in a cleft of the rock and cover you with my hand" Exodus 33:22bAfter neglecting it for too many years, I am once again pursuing the love of art God gave me and feel like I have come home. I enjoy exposing the details God knits into nature and the stories from generations past, asking the viewer to pause and appreciate what is often forgotten. Each piece is a challenge He walks me through, showing me anything is possible with Him.  Charcoal pencil is my preferred medium to spotlight details but I also enjoy the freedom of brushing paint across a canvas.

Lauren Rothenhauser
Ravenna, Kentucky 40472
Coming soon: Youtube

Lauren Rothenhauser is a multi talented artist that uses photography as her medium. Naturally she does photograph portraiture as a commercial development named illumi studio, professional photography. 

She is also an artist that creates within the digital realm with her photomontages. “The most fun about my montages is that they are collectively everywhere, yet absolutely nowhere”. Currently she has been creating multiple series and hopes to complete one soon to show in various art supported ares of Kentucky.

Lauren is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies, in Detroit, where she earned her highest degree, a BFA in fine art photography. Always being an artist and learning about many different types of art, she is an art lover as well. “I am always excited to meet other artists and enjoy their work”. 

“I am on my 10th (arrived in 2007) year here in Eastern/Central Kentucky… it was the best move I made in my life. I love the culture and the beautiful surroundings. Thank you for accepting and supporting me here in your home, that I have also made mine.” 

If you are interested in contacting Lauren, please text or call (586) 215-6608 or email: [email protected], as well as the social media outlets listed above.